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Cocina Mitho Chha

Cocina Mitho Chha (CMC) is a Sustainable Social Enterprise which has been established for the purpose to educate young people in the tourism industries. CMC has 4 rooms Bed and Breakfast, Fine Dining Restaurant and Cooking School offering scholarships in hotel training to young people from local orphanages.

Courses are offered to young people in Cooking, Food and Beverage service (Waiter), Barista and Housekeeping. All Courses are designed in between 2 & 6 months duration for upto 10 children in each section in each group.

All funds to support the running of the school and the scholarships are raised from our restaurant and our residency.

Our menu offers freshly prepared food bought in the local market and is organic where possible.

We hope our dishes present a modern Nepalii style – a mixture of traditional tastes and flavors with a variety of dishes from Europe and Asia.

Thank you for choosing to eat and stay with us. Your support is highly appreciated. 

Nepali Masala tea,cup  Rs.100
Milk tea  Rs.70
Black tea  Rs.50
Nescafe coffee  Rs.50
Nescafe coffee with milk          Rs.80
Hot Chocolate  Rs.130
Hot lemon honey  Rs.130
Hot or Cold milk  Rs.70
Espresso double Rs.110
Espresso single  Rs.80
Cappuccino  Rs.125
Café Late  Rs.125
Americano Rs. 110
Honey Latte  Rs. 150
Vanilla Latte   Rs.150
Caramel Latte    Rs.150
Mocha  Rs.160
Chaitea Latte  Rs.150
Caramel Mochhaito   Rs.160
Iced tea  Rs. 150
Iced Café Latte  Rs. 175
Iced Americano  Rs.150
Iced Cappuccino           Rs. 175
Ice Honey Latte    Rs. 200
Ice Vanilla Latte Rs.200
Ice Caramel Latte  Rs.200
Ice Mocha  Rs. 200
Ice Chaitea Latte Rs. 200
Ice Caramel Mochhaito  Rs. 200

Healthy Homemade Beverages

Fresh Mint Sarbat Rs. 150
Mix Fresh Fruits Juice  Rs. 200
Fresh Carrot & Tomato Juice  Rs. 190
Fresh Apple and Celery Juice  Rs. 200
Ground Apple Fast Diet Juice      Rs. 190
Fresh Spinach Juice  Rs. 190
Fresh Beetroot Juice  Rs. 190

Homemade Beverages

Milkshake (Vanilla,sweet,banana)  Rs. 130
Lassi(sweet,salted,banana)  Rs. 150
Limonana  Rs. 150

Caned and Bottled Drinks

Coke, fanta, sprite, soda  Rs. 70
Fresh lemon soda  Rs. 150
Aqua 100 bottle water  Rs. 70


Gorkha/Everest/Nepal Ice  (Local Beers) Rs. 300
Sanmiguel Rs. 300
Carlsberg/Tuborg  Rs. 400

House Wine

Red  Rs.500(Glass) Rs.2000(Bottle)
White  Rs.500(Glass) Rs.2000(Bottle)

Local Spirit

Blue Riband gin  Rs. 100 (30ml) Rs. 180 (60ml)
Ruslan Vodka  Rs. 100 (30ml) Rs. 180 (60ml)
Khukuri XXX Rum  Rs. 100 (30ml) Rs. 180 (60ml)
Royal Stag Whiskey  Rs. 100 (30ml) Rs. 180 (60ml)
Absolut Vodka  Rs. 130 (30ml) Rs. 150 (60ml)
Signature Whisky Rs. 150 (30ml) Rs. 290 (60ml)


Nepal Contact

Association Nepal Aki- Cocina Mitho Chha

Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal

(001) 977 1 4428374

Spain Contact

Association Nepal Aki

Casa Orlandai Calle Jaume Piquet, 23,08017 Barcelona

(001) 977 1 4428374