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Peepalbot Agriculture Cooperative

We are not only focusing on the education of children, yet also on the development of sustainability. We established the Peepalbot Agriculture Cooperative to help the farmers and children in the mountains.  We support them with their agriculture, through purchasing their products, such as spices and vegetables, buying the food directly from the source, so that they will get the maximum amount of profits. Their food gets served here in Cocina Mitho Chha, as well as their products which one can find at our souvenir shop.

We also support lots of schools in Gorkha, which is a region in Nepal, providing them with school uniforms, sport materials, providing them with new education programs for children, and finding them volunteer teachers to help out ad teach at their schools. Also after the earthquake in 2015, we gave shelter to more than 200 families and provided them with food and materials.

Our Aim and Objective

Our aim is to develop the economy and the quality of the life of village people by organising financial and social support through direct participation.

Our objective is to organise many agricultural and social activates on a local level. 

A Brief History of Peepalbot
History of Peepalbot Community:  

People in Gorkha have a long history, and are made up of a mix of different native groups, such as Bram, Chetri , Newar, Gurung, Damai, Sarki, and Kami. The village lies in a forest at a river side. All houses are damaged by the earthquake and a lot of people still live in ruins. Some people are started to rebuild their homes. The majority of the population in village are made up of children and old age people rather than youthful working forces.  

The main income source of the village is traditional agriculture. In the big earthquake that occurred on April 25th 2015, we lost many people, all houses and all our belongings, but we came out stronger in friendships and relations between all the villagers and we created a community called Peepalbot.  As we started helping the community by relief materials like food, cloths and plastic tents, immediate after earthquake.

The idea became to established an organisation, where we can help each other and work together to improve our economy status by doing some agriculture and social activities, such as education, sports, dance and art etc. We find health and social problems within the older people, and would like to help them with healthcare and feeding program as much as possible.

We would like to create a sustainable social business, where we at CMC (Cocina Mitho Chha), purchase products directly from Gorkha, so that the money goes straight to the village. 

I read the book called, ‘Banker To The Poor’ by Dr. Muhammad Yunus and learned a little about the concept and value of a community based project and personally gained a lot of motivation through it.

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